VideoMob is a new take on the photo booth. It invites users to record a video portrait to be instantly combined into a dynamic crowd. It can be used to document guests at a party, going beyond still photographic portraits by allowing users to dance, wave, and even leave a message.

We are exploring how VideoMob can create virtual communities by leaving video booths in semi-permanent locations enabling strangers to include their video among a crowd. Hopefully this will establish a stronger connection among strangers, hopefully enabling an actual relationship to form out of the virtual one.

The VideoMob team is Emily Grenader, Danilo Gasques Rodrigues, Fernando Nos, and Nadir Weibel. Email for more information.


Users are invited through a four-screen dynamic display to "join the crowd." Using a Microsoft Kinect, the system detects the user and keys him or her out of the background using the depth camera. The collected ten second video self portrait is saved and added instantly to the constantly looping videos recorded by earlier users.



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